Fanfic reviews

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For the posting of reviews of fanfic nominated for the Children of Time Awards.
The review team (under the user name stagiary) posts critiques of stories nominated in the Children of Time Awards.

Guest reviews are welcome. They may be of any length and may be about almost any story*, including ones that have already been covered. Guest reviewers may write about as few or as many stories as desired. IP logging has been turned off and will remain off unless commenters become abusive. Anonymous comments are allowed.

*To address a concern that was brought up: We do ask that guests not review their own stories, or any stories in categories in which they themselves have been nominated.

Comm members may post reviews. If you prefer, you may use a sock puppet account to submit reviews or simply PM them to stagiary. If you PM the reviews, please specify whether you want to be credited under your user name. If not, you will be credited as "guest reviewer". Submissions should be well written and contain no personal attacks. Discuss the story quality and/or aspects of the Children of Time Awards themselves.

New posts no longer go into the moderation queue. Posting is immediate and will remain that way unless the system is abused.