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These reviews cover stories nominated in various New Who pairing categories: "Masquerade," by Radiantbaby (Doctor/Martha); "Nine Plus One," by Persiflage (Doctor/Martha); "The Reddest of Poppies," by Tristesses (Doctor/Donna); "An Ordinary Day," by Time_converges (Doctor/Donna); "Parting, Quietly," by Cathica (Threesomes, Drabble); and "Integrative Bargaining," by Wendymr (Threesomes, PWP).

Title: Masquerade
Author: Radiantbaby
Category: Doctor/Martha

Review: The masquerade ball setting in this story makes for some creative imagery and concepts, but the character voices didn't sound right to me, largely due to the odd lack of contractions in dialogue. It also wasn't hard to guess the plot twist at the end, one which didn't entirely make sense, since surely Martha would have recognized her dance partner's clothing.

Title: Nine Plus One
Author: Persiflage
Category: Doctor/Martha

Review: I considered giving up after only the first story in this series, which featured partially phonetic dialogue for Nine, and Martha allowing him (a near-stranger at this point) into her flat and having sex with him only moments later. I made it through the POV shifts in the second story to find similar problems in the third, but at least that one had some decent porn. Story 4 featured the eye-rolling dialogue "Martha Jones, my dark beauty, come for me, I want you to come for me"; Story 5 was largely fine, except for an opening paragraph that made the Doctor's shock and concern at finding the "missing" posters in "Aliens of London" all about Martha. Story 6 went AU primarily to kill off Rose, and after that, I just couldn't face Story 7, an AU version of "New Earth" with Martha.

Title: The Reddest of Poppies
Author: Tristesses
Category: Doctor/Donna

Review: The alien sex pollen story: does it ever get old? This take on the cliché is light and frothy, and while there's a little trite dialogue in the sex scene, the rest of it is fun and hot. The author does a good job with the character voices, and the punchline at the end defusing the typical dub-con problem with sex pollen stories felt sweetly in-character.

Title: An Ordinary Day
Author: Time_converges
Category: Doctor/Donna

Review: A prison guard's perspective on what happens when the Doctor and Donna are locked in the same prison cell: are they friends, or husband and wife? It's interesting to see an outsider's view of the Doctor-companion relationship, and there's some good dialogue here. Unfortunately, it's also missing a key scene, as even the OC notes: "The two prisoners were kissing now, quite enthusiastically, and he was really sorry he had missed the intervening moments." How the Doctor and Donna get to that point is never shown, and it's too big a leap for readers to make on their own.

Title: Parting, Quietly
Author: Cathica
Category: Threesomes, Drabble

Review: Impressively filthy for only 100 words, albeit a little too purple for my taste in one line. It isn't apparent at first that this is a threesome fic, which is part of the point; the author's deliberate misdirection works very well here.

Title: Integrative Bargaining
Author: Wendymr
Category: Threesomes, PWP

Review: Like all good PWPs, what little plot this story has is just foreplay (almost literally) for the main event. Although I wish the Doctor and Rose's dialogue didn't include dropped consonants, the character voices sounded right, and Jack and the Doctor's one-upsmanship with each other about their relationship with Rose felt like a logical extension of their usual friendly competition. Nice job with the sex, too, which manages to be explicit without going over the top.



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May. 26th, 2009 01:32 am (UTC)
Contractions (or a lack thereof) are admittedly a weak point for me that I've been working on in more recent fics. I was meaning to go back and edit my old stories to fix this tendency, but I haven't yet had the opportunity.

As for the point about the Doctor's clothes, he is wearing a tuxedo (or dinner jacket) like all of the other male guests and that is why Martha does not recognize him by his clothing. This is mentioned early on in the story here:

"The Doctor was simply wearing his dinner jacket suit — and from what Martha could tell it was the same one he had worn with her during their experience at LazLabs."

Apologies for that not being more clear in the fic.

Anyway, thank you for the review and for reading the story. :)
May. 26th, 2009 02:07 am (UTC)
That line is actually why I was so surprised Martha didn't recognize the Doctor. She recognizes not just that it's a tuxedo, but specifically the one that he wore in LazLabs, which suggested that she'd recognize it even if the Doctor were wearing a different mask.

That aside, your story is by far the best of the three nominated, and will definitely be getting my vote.
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