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Children of Time reviews: New Who

These reviews cover four New Who stories: "Everytime I Live," by Lostwolfchats (Doctor/Rose, Ficlet); "Well Met by Moonlight," by Starxd-sparrow (Doctor/Donna); "The Hollow Men Series," by lilianvaldemyer (Doctor/Donna, 'Verse - Series); and "Real Life," by Voicegrl (Doctor/Martha).

Title: Everytime I Live
Author: Lostwolfchats
Category: New Who - Doctor/Rose, New Who - Ficlet

Review: A ponderous and pretentious piece that spends so much time praising everything about Rose that even her fans might start to gag: "Over a thousand years of experience, in nine different bodies, and he was still learning. This time, his teacher was Rose Marion Tyler — little more than a child, even in her own terms, and yet more steeped in simple wisdom than the Shaman of Tauriellin Novem." Oh, please. And is the typo in the title accidental or a conscious editorial choice? Either way, it looks bad.

Title: Well Met By Moonlight
Author: Starxd-sparrow
Category: New Who - Doctor/Donna

Review: Ten and Donna crash a 16th-century masquerade ball and unexpectedly end up acting on their attraction to each other. Though I didn't find Donna's actions completely convincing, "Well Met by Moonlight" is still pleasantly fluffy and entertaining. Slightly marred by some unfortunate typos spell-check wouldn't have caught: that old classic, "physic paper"; and a garrote is not a dance. (A gavotte is.)

Title: The Hollow Men Series (Note: link provided goes to the first story in the series; the CoT link will take you to the third one.)
Author: lilianvaldemyer
Category: New Who - Doctor/Donna, New Who - 'Verse (Series)

Review: At Donna's request, the Doctor seals off the Time Lord half of Donna's brain rather than mindwiping it, but in the meantime, Donna has learned enough about the Doctor's internal thoughts to know just how dark and self-centered they are. She retaliates by seducing him repeatedly and forcing him to confront some of those thoughts -- a crazy premise, but weirdly enough, one that worked pretty well for me. The sex was sparse and never purple, which was much appreciated after some of the things I've been reading.

Title: Real Life
Author: Voicegrl
Category: New Who - Doctor/Martha

Review: When Martha loses her memory, the Torchwood team convinces the Doctor to help her regain it by living with her as her flatmate and pretending she has a normal life. The Doctor is woobie-ish and horribly out of character, and I gave up about a third of the way through this when I got to the by-the-numbers sex scene composed almost entirely in declarative sentences without transitions. ("She also took the opportunity to reach down and stroke his hard length through his jeans. He let out a high pitched moan that Martha realized she loved to hear. He backed away once more and looked at her before taking his shirt off and throwing it on the floor. He ripped the rest of the pajama top open and a few buttons flew.")




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