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These reviews cover all four stories nominated in the Sarah Jane Adventures - Ficlet category: "Priorities and Plans," by Ann_blue; "Decisions and Revisions," by Orbythesea; "Keeping Up With Sarah Jane," by Maymargaret; and "The Girlfriends' Code," by Minerva_fan.

Title: Priorities and Plans
Author: Ann_blue
Category: SJA - Ficlet

Review: I liked this story's central idea -- that something must have kept Sarah Jane and her Scooby Gang from investigating Harold Saxon -- but the execution didn't live up to the initial concept. The Master seems cartoonishly evil here, and a comparison between Sarah Jane and the Master's mother doesn't hold up at all: I just can't believe that the Master became a homicidal maniac because his mother didn't love him. Also needed a beta to catch numerous comma and typographical errors a spellcheck wouldn't catch (for example, "trapped between the preverbal rock and hard place").

Title: Decisions and Revisions
Author: Orbythesea
Category: SJA - Ficlet

Review: This is an astoundingly beautiful story about Sarah Jane and her relationship with Eight -- not so much the sexual one, though that's part of it, but more the frustration and sadness of having to keep the secrets of Eight's future from him. It's gorgeously written and heartbreaking, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Title: Keeping Up With Sarah Jane
Author: Maymargaret
Category: SJA - Ficlet

Review: A lovely vignette in which Harry Sullivan catches up with Sarah Jane about her continued role in protecting the Earth, and more importantly, her newly adopted son. The story is slightly marred by some comma errors, but Sarah Jane and Harry's banter is sharply written and very much in character.

Title: The Girlfriends' Code
Author: Minerva_fan
Category: SJA - Ficlet

Review: At first I didn't fully buy this story's premise; I simply have a hard time imagining Sarah Jane engaging in clichéd, girly activities like inviting Maria over for sleepover night of chocolate and bitching about the boys who have broken their hearts. But Minerva_fan won me over with Maria throwing darts at a photo of the Doctor, as well as Sarah Jane's insightful speech about why she turned down the Doctor at the end of "School Reunion."




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