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These reviews cover all stories nominated in the New Who - Ninth Doctor category: "A Piece of Home," by Gillian Taylor/dark_aegis; "Maybe I'm In Love," by Lostwolfchats; "TARDISed Away," by Mary_Pseud; "So Sweet," by Aibhinn; "A Lot Can Happen In A Little," by Takethewords; "A Question of Innocence," by Amberfocus; and "Underneath the Moonlight," by Mad_jaks.

Title: A Piece of Home
Author: Gillian Taylor/dark_aegis
Category: New Who - Ninth Doctor

Review: The Doctor and Rose end up trapped outside the TARDIS on a quarantined planet with deadly shadows. (The story predates SiTL/FoD, so any similiarity appears to be coincidence.) During their stay, they discover a unique relic that's trying to bond psychically with Rose. The relic storyline is more interesting than the shadow plot, but strains credulity at the end when Rose has to psychically link the relic to the Doctor, who can't hear it. Otherwise well-written, but includes phonetic dialogue for Rose, which always annoys me.

Title: Maybe I'm In Love
Author: Lostwolfchats
Category: New Who - Ninth Doctor, New Who - Short Story

Review: The Doctor ponders why he's in love with Rose Tyler, even though he's apparently never fallen in love with other companions. Made my eyes roll before I'd read even 250 words, and then the author referred to the Gelth as the "Gelph." Diehard Doctor/Rose OTPers will probably have no problems with this fic. Those of us who subscribe to the "he loves them all" philosophy are advised to avoid it.

Title: TARDISED Away
Author: Mary_Pseud
Category: New Who - Ninth Doctor, New Who - Crossover

Review: This is a crossover with the Miyazaki film Spirited Away, and if you haven't seen this movie, "TARDISED Away" is going to seem very surreal. The basic plot is similar to the plot of the film, with Rose being turned into a pig and the Doctor and Jack going to the bathhouse to save her, but the way they win Rose's freedom -- specifically, the way Jack wins Rose's freedom -- is definitely not something I've seen in a Miyazaki film. Very enjoyable for Miyazaki fans, and Mary_Pseud's descriptive language should make this story understandable even if you haven't seen the movie.

Title: So Sweet
Author: Aibhinn
Category: New Who - Ninth Doctor, New Who - Romance

Review: I'm not normally a fan of rewritten scenes, but I love the scene in "The Doctor Dances" where Rose and the Doctor are trapped in the basement. Written for a challenge to take a canon moment and make it romantic, this story does just that, although the added content is a little too romance-novel for my taste. However, Aibhinn does a good job with Nine's interior monologue.

Title: A Lot Can Happen in a Little
Author: Takethewords
Category: New Who - Ninth Doctor

Review: A Nine/Rose first time story that's really lovely at times, but also strays into overly poetic language that feels self-conscious and forced, and frankly doesn't make much sense. Rose "reaches her arms up toward their usual home sweet home in the sky"; the Doctor "looks down at where she's touching him like he carries the secrets of the universe beyond his ribs." A very good effort that could be outstanding after some editing work.

Title: A Question of Innocence
Author: Amberfocus
Category: New Who - Ninth Doctor, New Who - Romance

Review: A short story tracing how Nine and Rose's relationship evolves from innocent to romantic, told entirely in exposition that leads the reader along by the nose and never rises much past ordinary. Naturally, by the time Rose makes her move, she is wearing the formula seduction outfit: a soft, white, diaphanous gown that falls from her shoulders and puddles at her feet. Yawn.

Title: Underneath the Moonlight
Author: Mad_jaks
Category: New Who - Ninth Doctor, New Who - Romance

Review: The only OT3 story in the bunch, this is a comments ficlet about Rose watching Nine and Jack dancing together. Very short, but pleasant and sweet.




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